Summer 2016, Video montage


I was purging files yesterday and I finally remembered where I've put my "summer escapade" videos and thought that it would be such a waste if I would just delete all of them, hence here are some shitty montage of me, filming roads and whatnot haha. I still have a lot of footage on my external disk, but it got corrupted months ago, so that's a downer, on the other hand, I am still in the middle of editing my Ilocandia trip. I found the Vigan and Pagudpud folder, but I somehow lost the Laoag folder. I think I transferred it on my laptop, will search for it asap, but here's two of my already uploaded "travel diaries" haha.

Please don't judge my editing skills haha, I've only used Windows Movie Maker because my Premiere Pro kept crashing. Also, if you know any awesome copyright-free music playlist which consists of upbeat and cool tracks, please let me know haha. :)

Boracay de Cavite


A week right after my Bataan trip with my family, I decided to accompany my mom here at Cavite's Katungkulan beach, also known as Boracay de Cavite. It is a beach inside a marine base (Katungkulan translates to duty, obligation, responsibility which for me, totally relates to marine lol). 



If you have a huge money to spare and want to steal Adele's dress on Send My Love you can go spend it on the exact designer dress available on the surface of the internet or on physical stores but if you are on a budget and is a huge fan of Adele like myself, here are some of my dress recommendations.

Feeling Blue


on choosing heels

Adam Levine for Proactiv Philippine Commercial

Lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning band Maroon 5, Adam's made a name for himself with a signature voice woven into the musical fabric of today. His signature voice swept throngs of women off their feet. But despite his hot looks and glowing achievements in his remarkable career, Adam Levine, the “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2013 was, once upon a time, someone who struggled with acne breakouts during his teenage years. This man, the envy of many men because of his undeniable charisma and confidence, also suffered because of acne just like any normal teenager, and grappled with lack of confidence. For someone who looked so natural in front of the camera, Adam was once forced to stay away from the crowd.

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