It was the 3rd and last day of the orphanage's 80th founding anniversary, and it was my 2nd day attending the event (read all about my 1st day here). Mom's on duty (my mom is a volunteer caregiver) so I accompanied and helped her inside their ward. 

april • 2016 playlist


We are half-way through May already and I only got the energy to write and post about my April 2016 music playlist. Better late than never right? lol.

This month's playlist is a mixture of chill and energetic tunes because I was pretty bipolar last month. I was throwing some weird tantrums to my family members (which they don't deserve) because I was more annoyed than the usual (As my mom would like to refer, may toyo or topak). I basically PMSed (pre-menstrual syndrome-d) most of the days of the month (blaming it all on that time of the month haha). Anyway, here's my Spotify tracklist:



Usually, packages from abroad take 3-4 weeks to arrive, but this one only took a week to arrive. Not only it arrived early, but it arrived in front of my doorstep. Soufeel gave me store credits as a gift for helping them out for their mothers' day campaign. When I was picking the charms that I want, I was contemplating because I worry about the local customs tax lol. I was given a lot of store credit and I'm afraid that I'd spend my savings on tax. Thank God the package came without a fuss, so kudos to the wonderful service Soufeel! 



My mom has been a volunteer caregiver for too the longest time already, we've lost count. It's the orphanage's 80th anniversary and we are allowed to visit the babies and watch a little programme. It's a 3-day event, but I missed the first day because of certain reasons. Here's what went on the second day.

almost too short


Our favorite thrift store in Las Pinas went on sale again and everything was sold for only 20 pesos. Be it dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, everything is for 20 pesos. I saw this dress and picked it up immediately because you can never go wrong with black dresses. Didn't try it on and payed for it as soon as I can remember, apparently it's almost too short for me haha.



There are multiple sites trending online who are scamming people by selling low quality clothing and by marketing their products by grabbing other shop's or brand's photo without proper consent. Nothing is more aggravating than being cheated; imagine working hard for money and finally giving yourself a well-deserved gift. Spending on a hard-earned money on an item you thought was the perfect thing in the world and when it reached your doorstep, it's actually trash. I have become more careful with the brands I work with, I only work with brands that I trust and support. You have my word. :)

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