Song for Zula

               Somehow it's getting cold and the weather is just perfect. You see, living in a tropical country and not having to go to cold places that often is such a pain in the ass because I actually don't want the heat. The down side of cold weather here in the Philippines is that it is always packaged with rain, and in worst case scenarios, even typhoons. So it's rare to for us to get cold without getting wet. 


               I bought this top impulsively because of it's color at a random stall with my friends when we went to Divisoria because we only have one class that day. It was my first time to ride the PNR and it was an ecstatic experience for me. hahaha

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

              Christmas season is the perfect season to say thank you to the people who've been kind to you throughout the year, also thanking the people who've ruined your day or weeks or months. Probably your asking me why thank people who ruined days of your year. You have to say thank you to them because they made some of your days full of thrill and you've conquered those moments which made you stronger and more experienced. You learned new strategies on how to ace things and make things better and faster thanks to them. Last-minute shopping or not, click "continue reading" to check out some awesome things for all ages, all sexes, all races to have for yourself and to give to the people who've been good to you. 

Goodness Gracious


                I basically live in leggings hahhaaha even though I don't wear one on school, I still live in it. I have black, navy blue, gray, black, black and black hahaha so don't ask me why I wear the same leggings or pants over and over again because I do have two or three of the same thing. That's just how I roll.