Well Hey! It's already 2013, it's a great year to give yourself a price or at least someone can get you what you really deserve. These are some on my list of what to have this year. 

Everybody knows that smartphones are really entertaining, you can install numbers of games, applications, musics and even download movies in it. My friends and family knows I'm a movie-buff means I watch movies whenever I'm bored so I am wondering if I can buy a Samsung Android or a BlackBerry phone. I really want to buy a new smartphone because my Phone is running out of memory and I don't want to lose anything.


I am also planning to buy an iTouch or maybe a netbook I can carry for school. There are a lot of things to cram for when I'm in school, they are giving a lot of homework because 10 hours of learning isn't enough. Am I right? It's just tiring to learn so much thing. To lessen the work, and help me organize things, I want technology to help me. 

I'm really into jackets right now. I'm into cardigans, blazers, denim jackets, and leather jackets. But sad to say =(( I only have 1 cardigan right now. I am also liking skirts now. I want to have every kind of skirts leather(most likely), maxi, mullet/asymmetrical/high-low, peplum, etc(cause I'm too lazy to think more hahaha) 

Even though it's not that obvious but I'm actually is a bookworm, before I go to sleep I read at least 4 pages of the book or whenever I'm bored and there's no WiFi I read books, well not those books at school, I like reading fictional and adventure themed books. Right now, I'm think John Green's book are in demand, my classmates said he's books are great, and by the internet, it has a pretty good feed backs. I'm thinking I can read "Looking for Alaska", "The Faults in our Stars" and "Paper Towns". Also, for your information, I'm a die hard Rick Riordan fan. I already finished reading the "Kane Chronicles" and half-way through the "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" I really loooooove his books. 

Yes, I'm still a student. How I'm I going to buy some of these? I have to be thrifty, I have to make money adjustments and know the difference between I NEED IT and I WANT IT. And of course, I have to plan what to buy first.

But if guys are willing to donate anything, I'm willing.(NAH, Just kidding. =)) ) But if you guise insist, I'm more than willing to accept, I'm not that choosy. hahahaha =D

DISCLAIMER: Photos are not mine. 

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