The box from my aunt from US arrived yesterday! I've been waiting for that box for more than 3 months! Well last February 2012, we went to Baguio City for a 3 day vacation, on our way home, we bought things from the market, and to my surprise, my camera isn't on my jacket's pocket anymore, I cried and cried because there are important photos there that are really priceless. But at last, after a year, my auntie decided to buy me a new one (YAY!) I have a new Nikon Coolpix S3300! 

Nikon Coolpix S3300 has a 16 megapixel sensor, and have 18 different scene modes!

My Favorite Chocolates!! hahahah I really love these two! 

(Lip liners, Bath & Body Works hand gel, Rimmel lipgloss, Revlon nail files, & Revlon Nail kit)
Revlon goodies! Oh my freaking God! I have a freaking one year (or maybe half a decade) supply of nail files! hahaha I don't know what came up on my tita's mind and she bought me nail files! hahhaaha. 

My Tita got me a nail kit! Cheers to Revlon! =D

I don't know what is the black thingy in the middle is for. =D
An Estee Lauder Face kit! (I think it comes with the free purple snake'a skin printed purse)

I'm soooo excited for the another box coming this March! I'm wishing for shoes, clothes, accessories and EVERYTHING. hahaha =)))

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