I think I started Instagram last November so my photos are quite few... but by the here are some of my memories back then. C=

A gift for my cousin. =))

Dani doing her "I see what you did there" meme.
It's just amazing how Tous les Jours gives free Cake knife and  Candles (My mom's birthday cake)
The smell of this cake is just divine. Even though I really don't like the green part because it's quite bitter... still presentation can alter the taste. 
More of the Tous les Jours Mania. 
My NEW WALLET! I got this for only 130pesos which is I think around 3$

Our school's float for Paskotitap. 
Pou is just so addicting.
Yay! A new bag for only 230pesos! (5$-6$) everything in the Philippines is so cheap!

I don't remember what is the name of the game but I'm a total psycho when I'm playing this. I'll cut the part of the coaster railings so people(or whatever they are) will fly and die. hahahhahahhaahha.

I'm with my best-est friends! (Dani, Vallea and Justine are missing) I love you bxtchxs! =*
Isabelle took this while we were on Flying Fiesta (Enchanted Kingdom) during our fieldtrip.                                                                           
Arm Candies. =))
The skull 'bracelet' supposedly a choker was from my father. 
Mirror that my mother gave me. Piggy!
Some old figurine from my grandmother's collection. I think I took this photo when we were having a general cleaning. Our house is a mess. 

Got these books from Market! Market! when they have had a  Christmas Sale. Got all of these for only 600+ instead of I think more than 4000pesos.

Atachinchi! This is my favorite japanese series(except from Yamato Nadeshiko) I love  the sense of humor of this family. I love how the mother exaggerates everything.

My Classmate's adopted brother... fine sister. (Draw me like one of your french girls) hahahaha

I'm really loving memefier. Even though our faces are getting covered by the memes, behind that... we're still smiling. (weird right? hahahah nonsense)
I'm Derpina! hahah My head is sooooo big.

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