It's Chatime with the girls! Kidding, we were supposedly shooting our project at that time, but because our allowances (perks of being a scholar) were given earlier, we had the nerve to buy things. =D I'm the only one who's slush doesn't have pearls on it. Anyways, I fell in love with their Passion fruit slush though it was a very stupid thing that the girl asked me if I want to put extra pearls and I said N-O!. After that, my friends are teasing me that their drinks are better than mine because of the pearls. You maybe wondering why two of my friends are still wearing our school uniform, well, before we went to Hypermarket/Tiendesitas, we took our last two exams, YAY! It was the last day of our 3rd Quarterly Test! Party! Party! and now, I really hope I'm not on the probationary list this time 'cause being on that list is bullshit. -_-

Justine, as usual, she's with her iPad. 

"Wacky" hahaha Aubrey's the only one doing it. =D
Stay tuned for our movie project okay?! It's going to be E-P-I-C! lol.
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