January's 1st Friday was a very big day. We had the chance to shoot for our Social Science's project (movie) please stay tune for our movie which is called "Five" we'll post our movie poster and our movie by the end of the month. But for the mean time, we had a pool-party-scene because one of the character is having her birthday, guess who portrayed the character? (Hint: IT'S ME!) hahaha.


You know it's hard to be a director! (harhar)

One more thing. I didn't tell my parents that we were going to swim. That's why I'm still on my uniform when we were going home. I just told them that I'm going home late. After we've swim, I fixed my things and try to dry my hair by combing it all over again, while on the way home, I kept brushing it and brushing it. Luckily, I got home without a single trace. (That's how you do it!) hahahah =)))

They had party popper on my head! Well, that's fine as long as it is for our grade. They've splashed water on my face and pulled my feet, I got soaked on water with my dress, belt and my favorite floral wreath made out of paper.

with Isabelle. =)))

We also played the game who-ever-stayed-longer-underwater-WINS. As usual we (Justine and Aubrey) can't play the game FAIR! hahahahah.
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