Yay! It's Valentine's Day! (Well, a normal day for me =D) The only great thing that happened today was we had the chance to have our allowances! (We're 600 pesos wealthier!) hahaha. Because we had our allowances, we decided to postponed our practice for our dance project for MAPEH. =)) We ate at Mang Inasal 'cause we're quite thrift-ing our money because lately, we had a lot of contributions for our projects, laboratory, and our class rule (we have to pay for the vulgar words that we said. ei. ''$h!t'' you have to pay 4 pesos to our treasurer (1letter=1peso)) to gain more class fund!
Here are some photos taken earlier =))

A candid picture

Chatting over random topics!

The Forever Alone Club! =D I've spend my Valentine's day with my Best-est friends that are quite bxtch to me sometimes, but it's alright as long as they're just for fun, nothing serious. =))

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