Another DIY post for those who are in a tight budget but still want to be on the trends! Here's a tutorial of how to make design sheets for your clear case. The fun part of it is you can make a lot of design sheets and use only 1 clear case! 

Things you'll be needing [(laptop & printer) Photopaper, cutter, scissors, clear case for your phone (Tip: Don't use "bumper", buy cases that look like bumpers but there are clear glass/plastic at the back.)

Step 1: Search your desired design, for now, I'd like to use Union Jack.

Step 2: Open your Microsoft word and make sure the height is 5.87cm OR 2.31 in --- width: 11.43cm OR 4.5 in (Note: Can be Vice Versa)

Step 3: After you've print it, cut it.

Step 4: Get your case as a pattern for the edges of the paper.

Step 5: Fold the edges

Step 6: Cut the edges and make sure it's rounded.

Step 7: Get your cutter and create a hole for the camera lens and its flash.

Final fitting! 

Here are some of the designs I made! It's fun and most of all easy doing this DIY project. 

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