Yay guys! I'm currently active on making blog post because it's our last week in school and we don't have that much things to do. So this is my 4th DIY Project of the year and I'm going to start telling how I did my Nails! YAY! 

Things you'll be needing:

Tupperware with water, scissors, nail file, clear nail polish, tweezers and the most important of them all, your Nail Decals. 

Cut your Nail decals, be careful of cutting them because they are very close to each other, you might cut the side of the other you won't pay attention.

Choose the nail decal that is close to the size of your nail. 

After picking, dip the nail decal to the water leave if there for a minute. 

After a minute, get your tweezers and get your nail decal out of the water then carefully tap it with dry clothe or tissue.

After tapping it with dry clothe, gently rub the end part of the nail decal (The black tip).

Put clear nail polish before and after putting you nail decal.

Removing excess nail decal: To remove excess nail decal, get your nail file and slowly scrape off the excess decal. (Tip: Do it slowly and ALWAYS start at the top part.)

Repeat all steps until you finish all the way through! 

Finished products!

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