Hooray guys! Did a little haul of punky accessories and spent only 200 pesos (5$) because I'm so thrifty. hahahah. Bought 2 rings, 4 bracelets and 1 set of earrings and over all that cost me only 200 pesos! I know that I'm kidding but, yeah I only spend 200 pesos and I'm telling you that's a pretty good deal. I'm just proud that I bought many things in a small money. (Stay tuned for my DIY tutorial how to avoid stains on your skin if you're using cheap rings or any accessories and at the same time maintain the color of your accessory.)

Long chain pink feather earrings
Punky charm bracelet
Red Choker (but for me I usually use chokers as a wrap-around-bracelet.)
 Neon Spikes Bangles
Cross ring (not a connector ring)
Black flower + white pearl + diamond (of course faux) ring

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