Hooray for the satchel! So finally I had the chance to buy number 4 on my 2013 wishlist last Friday. I just bought a bag that looks like a satchel last month, I was happy with the design and it's over all appearance but the only problem is, it's small that my tumbler can fit in and my journal and all of the other things that I can't live the house without it. So I'm so happy that I bought the cutest bag at the perfect size. 

In contrast to the weather here in the Philippines which is hot, and when I say hot, it's like God made Philippines an extension of hell. I bought the satchel with the design of an aztec/winter vibes, at least I can feel cold whenever I use it. 

Oh! Before I forgot, since my blog is all about being thrifty because I'm so "kuripot" (Thrifty) haha, The original price is 350php (8.75$) and I got it for only 320php (8.00$) and that's not bad because satchels in malls are expensive they're like 3,500php-15,000php (87.50$-375.00$) and I can't afford that and I wouldn't spend that much just to buy a piece of bag. 

The key chains are excluded. I got it as a gift.

The only thing I was scared about when I bought this bag, is that I'm scared of having scratches on it because I think it's weaved and when it's scratched/cut the fabric will start falling off and it will be totally noticeable but because I'm fearless (lol.), why not take the risk right?

When you open it, you'll see a pocket where you can put you important belongings, your phones, earphones, coins, accessories and everything since it's really deep and big, I know it looks small but it's really big and magical. haha

Another good thing about satchel is that it's really deep that you can put tumblers in it. (Well tumblers for me are very important because I don't like buying mineral waters from stores because for me, it's a little bit price-y and the money is not worth it, so for me, I always bring tumblers with me and when I'm out of water, I'll ask some from my friends or relatives or anyone I'm with because I get dehydrated a lot, like everytime.)

Satchels have this adjustable leather strap meaning, it can be a shoulder bag or a body bag which matters a lot to me. 

These little cuties are from my tita, she gave it to me when I went to my Lola's house in Crame. Those little pompoms just reminds me of the virtual game I use to play when I was little CHUZZLE! (Am I the only one who other that game? Am I? Am I??)

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