Since I've already know more than half of the class, I'm pretty sure my junior year with would be a blast specially I'm with my friends again for another year. Did I mention that this is the only school year that we didn't had an "open forum" that proves that we don't have any secret feelings against each other. =)) 

Our very remarkable curtain that's too short. hahaha Too bad we didn't had the chance to take more pictures because my Nikon Coolpix L26 just won't open. x.x  

(Top - Bottom: House of Athens, House of London, House of Paris and House of Rome) The 4 Houses with Mr. Reynan Schaumburg, we were so thankful that we had the chance to take a picture with him. =)

Justine's League! Tho we're not complete because Nicole had her "topak" that day for many reasons she says. Well, even though there's a big chance that next year that we will not stay on the same section because our forms are not uniform because we have to choose certain fields to prepare for our college life, but still, if ever, let's help each other in our homeworks okay?! haha.

Some of  the photos rather--mostly got photobombed by Marc Bambalan. hahah Pero putang ama mo pa rin CASTRO! wala tayong picture together dahil sa tindi ng topak mo na hinding-hindi ko maintindihan.

Thank you Ma'am Jane for saving me when I was still in my Sophomore year, thank you for fighting for us on our sophomore deliberation. All of the stress are worth it because next year we're already graduating on Pasig City Science High School. =))

All photos were all taken by Nikon Coolpix L26 and Nikon Coolpix S3300
(I am a Nikon girl okay?)
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