Hooray for a brand new month! Spend the day with awesome people that made my day really worth it! Many things did happen today, distribution of report cards, getting our March allowance, Sab's birthday celebration and Bohr's farewell party. 

What happened on the distribution of cards:
  • Reached school at  7:43am 
  • waited for my friends
  • got inside the campus
  • saw some Prom pictures hanging
  • got inside the school building
  • saw our adviser
  • We got yelled by, 
  • Papa's angry with me because of my freaking clearance paper
  • Finally got my report card
  • Didn't care what my grades are, what is important that I passed my junior life =)

What happened when we were getting our allowance?
  • Finding ways to write dedication for Sab without her knowing. 
  • Standing for an hour on the quadrangle
  • Overheard someone talking about their grades, they said that their grades were lower this quarter. (haha grade conscious people, I don't care if my grades were lower, what matters the most is that I passed my junior life. // for the second time)
  • Looking at other people's Prom Picture. (The Dani experience haha. Got scolded by Kuya Riden/Ridden or whatever his name is.)
  • Went inside the building
  • Stood outside the principal's office
  • Finally, I'm 600php wealthier. 
What happened to Sab's birthday Celebration/Bohr's Farewell Party
  • Daniella's ultimate tricycle experience

  • Changed our clothes (well Justine didn't change her clothes haha. She apathetically swam all day using our school uniform haha LAZYNESS)
  • Swam for 10 minutes
  • Ate my Mac & Cheese with Danielle
  • Swam again for an hour 
  • Our unsuccessful plan of getting Nicole on the pool

  • Isabelle's Spaghetti =)) (It's really delicious)
  • Levine finally arrived (Better late than never)
  • Clint's successful and unsuccessful jumpshots

  • Waiting for the clouds to hide the sun
  • Swam again
  • Craved for KFC, we already have our lists but we don't have KFC's delivery hotline =(
  • Others are already leaving. 
  • Kim came, got his surprises for Sab. 

  • Swimming again.
  • Taking a bathe, (boy it took so hard to rinse my sticky/annoying/hardened chlorine filled hair)
  • On our way to Pasig Millenium Garden's gate, Dani treated us an Ice Cream =)
  • Walking, walking, walking.
  • Treat Justine 5pieces of Kwek-kwek for Tweeting =)

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