Yo people! Long time no outfit post huh? hahah It's been a while I mean it has been 9 days! That's quite a while. hahah By the way I'm so sorry for 3 reasons: (1) Quality of photos suck; (2) No detail shots and (3) Number of photos. =(( These photos were taken by my mom at the The Spa's lobby. Mom had a diamond peel facial and I wonder what it feels like, huhu I'm jelly. While walking at The Fort, I saw a banner about Circuit Fest =((( I don't have moneeey and that sucks because I really want to meet Mayday Parade, Megan Nicole and Before You Exit live and not to mention that Mark Sulling of Glee will be hosting the night. ahhhhh. I want to go! =(

Oh guys! These are the last memories of my long hair. hahaha Had my haircut. So stay tuned for later posts to see my new hair cut! I don't hate my new hair, but also, I don't love it. Because I told the stylist to do whatever s/he wants because I really don't know what style to have I just want to get rid of the freaking split ends. 

Denim Shirt Style & Co.
White Shirt Blue Corner
Satchel Thrifted 
Asymmetrical Skirt Forever 21
Wedges Bass 
Elastics Goody
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