Hey guys! Virtual high five for the 2nd food hunt! This is my lunch for le day hihi. I love Greenwich from the very start and here's my review of their Pizza and Pasta C. Here we gooooo =))

The pizza taste good but there's something really really wrong about it. Unlike other spaghetti-s, I think out of cramming food because it's lunch time and there are a lot of people are hungry, the pasta wasn't drained well and you can see it in the photo that it isn't viscous.

I love their breadsticks it tastes good but it's size is getting smaller and smaller as time goes by.  

Greenwich is famous because of their pizzas, you can taste that there are really a lot of spices they are actually good but it's a little bit salty. I know this is just a coincidence because I've been eating their pizzas since the day I started eating haha 

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