After 11 days, finally had the time to claim my prizeeeeees. =)))) Thank you very much Goody PH, Dani Barretto, and The Spa for these awesome goodies! Too much excitement! Another special mention to Kuya Manong Guard who is soooooooooo kind to me and my mother a while ago when we entered their building. Thank you very much for the hospitality kuya! Did I mention that I went to their place while I'm on my uniform? (Which kinda weird and awkward.) I was on my uniform because we had our enrollment earlier and we decided to go straight to Sta. Mesa. (*cough* EXCUSES hahalol) 

If ever, it will be my first Ultimate Diamond Facial haha (fml) but I think I might just give it to my mom. Hi mom! Love yah! hihihihi 

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