Had a blast with 2 awesome people today. Did everything you can imagine. Everything was not expected. Everything was not on plans. Everything was perfect! 

April 3, 2013 ► woke up at 10:54 am ► Tweeting, tweeting, tweeting ►DM-ing Aubrey about private stuffs ►at 11:11:54am, I received a text message from Nicole "Lois. Sabihin mo kay Aubrey punta tayo sa kanila. looool. Kulitin mo" ► I sent a tweet to Aubrey ► Plans: 1:30 pm - Aubrey's place ► Bathe time ► Preparing stuffs ► went to Aubrey's place 

Nicole's already there when I entered their house! (It's a miracle) haha. Since Kristine can't make it. We had an idea if we can use Skype to communicate. hihi. Small talk, still convincing here to go to Aubrey's place. haha Didn't show my face. I used this instead. Come on, that isn't that bad. I'm the best cartoonist that you'll ever know! hahah Look at my red ombre! hahaha =))

Had our very late lunch around 3:00-4:00. We didn't know that Mang Inasal has their special delivery! I feel bad for the delivery man because we forgot to give him his tip. =(

Mang Inasal's puto actually tastes good! and it's 3pieces for only 10 pesos! 

Nicole and I got addicted to their sour soup. And Mang Inasal mean it, when they say it's sour, they mean it. It's even more sour than calamansi haha.  uhm. before I forgot, THANK YOU AUBREY FOR TREATING US! HAHA =D

They got my name wrong =(( well they always did, even in Starbucks, they always write it as "Louise" , "Louis", "Luis" and etc. It's freaking LOIS okay?! 

Moments after, we watched MJ's group presentation for MAPEH, then we watched Step Up: Revolution but we didn't finish it, we watch Pitch Perfect (for the nth time) 

While watching/listening to it, Nicole told us to watch LC Learns! Good Vibes all the way! hahah


More things happened today, follow me on twitter to know more hihi 

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