There goes the scare, we can't enroll for our 4th year in PCSHS. So to avoid regrets in the future, we made our move. Lowering our pride, to say sorry to our adviser. Thank God that we were forgiven. So enough with the drama and enjoy the rest of the day with my classmates! =D Oh, Hooray for my new tripod! hihihi.  

Afterwards, we went to our school and ask for our teachers' signatures for our clearance. It took time but at the end of the day, thank God again that they finally signed it! After school, we went to see the rest of Rainforest's improvements. I have posted a blog post about Rainforest after renovation yesterday. Make sure to stop by! (Here's the link just click RAVE OF PASIG to see the rest of the photos.)

After Rave, we went to Justine's place to watch some movies. =)) On our way, we were extremely laughing because it's too crowded inside the tricycle because a tricycle can only fit 4 persons inside and we were 5 inside because we want to have a single trip because that would be cheaper if we will take multiple trips. =D

We watched "Like Stars on Earth" an Indian drama =)) My friends don't agree with me that Darsheel Safary eyes and nose resemble Daniel Padilla! Anyone agrees with me? Just Google Images him. hihi

Haha, our not so "stolen" shot xx

Throwback Justine! hihihi So cuuuuute. =)))))))))))))))

Bought Candy Magazine's 150th issueeee! Wohooo! Hooray for their freebies! 

Thank you Candy Magazine for free Candy Poster Book! =* Thank you for my boyfies' posters! love it but where's my Ian Somerhalder solo poster????

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