In just a year-long renovation, Rainforest (old name) or Rave (new name) improved a lot. A lot of people thinks that Rainforest is a gross place to go. Well not anymore, even us students of Pasig City Science High School got shocked when we went out of school for our subject Filipino specially our school is located beside of Rainforest. We told each other, we have to shoot another music video cover here at Rainforest, Rave rather. Rave is amazingly amazing! See for yourself!

First stop, aMaze! We didn't realize aMaze actually means Maze or Labyrinth. lol at us. hahaha. It has the cutest theme ever! Alice in Wonderland! I fell in love with their trash bins =) it's the cutest trash bin I've ever seen =3

I don't know what this is supposed to be but I think the bird/penguin (I don't know what it is) and Bugs Bunny are just cute. =))

Next stop: Chess Pavilions. The only thing that made me disappointed in was we can't play =( There are signs that says that the chess pavilion project isn't finished yet. Well that's fine, I'm not even good at playing it and I never win a single game ever. 

Next stop: Amphitheater! Now this place, I have a lot of freshman memories here at this place! Back then this place isn't covered yet. Just imagine us rehearsing for our nutri-jingle without covers at noon. IT'S FREAKING HOT. 

My favorite Toy Story characters! I don't know what they're called but I call them ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. hahah I'm just in love with their voice, so cute! 

Next Stop: Adventure Park. Now this place has a lot of cool obstacles and things synonymous with fun. They have mountain climbing walls, obstacles, zipline, monkey bars, rope web (if you know what I mean haha) Skateboard and Cycling rink (whatever they're called) and etc. We didn't had the chance to enter because we didn't buy tickets at the entrance.

LOL at this. hahah EXISTING. 

Friendly Reminder from Rave of Pasig 
(Take care of plants,  please don't step on it.)

Good Job Pasig City government! 5 stars on Rainforest's improvement! 

 Some of our private photos at Rave! hihi xx

Clint: "Urinals are way too high!"

Picture perfect photo! Camera on timer + on tripod

Clint's supernatural power. haha

My first time to use my tripod! So far, no regrets from buying it + it's only 280php, but I'm quite scared of its quality. =)

You guys should visit Rave of Pasig. They have everything! Uhm, they also have pools, gardens, butterfly garden, park, fitness center, playgrounds, Senior Citizen's park, amphitheaters, zoo, mini-train, and a lot more things! 

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