My laziness didn't attack me yesterday, so I went to the Mac store and told them that I forgot my passcode and I need their help. So hooray for the unlocked iPhone! I recently downloaded some photo-editing apps and I'm going to have a short list of my favorite photo-editing apps that can be found on App Store or Google Play. (These are free apps because I don't have an atm so I can't afford to buy  priced-apps)

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Here's an iOS version of our favorite photo editing software on our computers, but it's not that great compared to the computer versions because it only comes with basic editing features like crop, rotate, exposure and some effects or filters. So much with that it's really noob-friendly. =)

4. iRetouch Free 

Photoshop tools that aren't on Adobe Photoshop Express are in here! Clone, smudge, blur, color adjustment, and etc. My favorite thing about iRetouch is that you can fix things with it. Blemishes, pimples, and other imperfections that you can found on your photo, you can fix it with iRetouch!

3. InstaSize

Do you want to put your awesome panorama on Instagram but scared that you'll just get a part of it because Instagram has a default dimensions that should be used? Or you want to post a 4x3 picture with your friends but don't want to crop one of your friend? InstaSize is here to the rescue! The name explain it all. InstaSize will add margins horizontally or vertically on your photo in respect to Instagram's 1:1 ratio. 

2. Camera 360 Ultimate

Instagram's filters aren't enough? Camera 360 Ultimate's numerous effects and scenes will overflow your interests.

1. Instagram

Nothing can beat Instagram (for me). You can document your day's highlights and share it with your friends. It can serve as your online photodiary! Also, using Instagram, you can stalk celebrities and see their private life.

Here's a short list of other photo-editing apps that  I use: 
Cartoon Camera
Insta Collage
Pudding Camera
Body Symbol
Multi-lens Camera
Photosoniasis 4.0 Lite
Line Camera
Color Touch
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