WARNING: Contains spoilers.

I've entered a contest from Nuffnang and I won! I was eager to watch Furious 6 because I've been watching the sequels from the very beginning. The people at the registration were nice and hospitable. Free snacks and drinks, you guys don't know how it feels to watch Furious 6 with Ramon Bautista near you. *evil laugh* Yes, you read it right, Ramon Bautista watched with us. 

Well, Furious 6 has a lot of plot twist in it, from Letty being alive and having amnesia, to Riley on Shaw's side, and everything! I really can't wait for Fast & Furious 7 especially Jason Statham will be the new antagonist. You just can't get enough once you'll love the movies. What saddened me is that Gisele and Han died. =(( I really like that couple. </3 But Roman and Tej duo really knows how to make people laugh. hahahha I love Roman's humor and Tej's sarcasm. hahahha they do work together! You know I love kick-ass scenes right? State the fact that this movie had the longest aircraft runway. 

 Free movie tickets for two!

Thank you again Nuffnang and Kettle Korn! Till next time! 
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