Hey guys, it is already summer and  ombre shorts are in demand and I've  found a store that sells cheap but really good.. uhm not good, the best ombre-designed shorts. It's called Luv n KissesLuv Botiq Plus Size and good news for those person who is plus size, they are selling ombre shorts from sizes 24-48 inches in jeans size!' Look at their awesome designs! Here are some of my personal picks!

Good news! They are selling these items for only 400php (10$ US) + shipping fee BUT if you'll  use my promo code (LNKOMBRELOIS) and buy from their Facebook page HERE, you'll get it for only 350php (8.75$) + shipping  fee!

And the awesomeness doesn't stop there! They are also selling shoes! From wedge sneakers to stylish heels to studded flats to moccasins! They have the best wedge sneakers and I  have  a great news!

They are selling their wedge sneakers for only 2400-2600 (60$ - 65$) BUT if you'll use my promo code LNKWEDGELOIS you'll get your wedge sneakers for FREE shipping (For Philippine residence only) What are you waiting for? 
CUT OFFs ARE ON MAY  24, 2013 (Friday) available on various sizes and colors!
Get your wedge sneakers and ombre shorts now! Don't forget mmy promo codes for great deals! 

Shop at  LnK Botiq Plus Size on Facebook HERE
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Shop their latest Collection now (Don't forget my promo code for discounts!)

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