WE'VE GOT MAIL! 05.24.13


Two consecutive packages came! Hooray! I would like to thank Ate Kim of LnK Botiq and Mommy Joy of Bagelya ETC again for sending me this goodies! Can't wait to use this goodies for my Outfit posts! 

Package from LnK Botiq =))

 I've received a text message from the delivery man, he said that he's already on our street. =D

 Sun: 09222767315
Globe: 09169724016

I am crazily in love with this heels! I really love them so much! For those who doesn't know, LnK Botiq doesn't only sell shorts, but they also sell heels and wedge sneakers! If you'll order wedge sneakers, use my code LNKWEDGELOIS for free shipping nationwide.  

LnK Botiq's best seller! Watermelon shorts! Use my code LNKOMBRELOIS for discounts! Get it for only 350php(8.75$) instead of 400php(10$) Great deals isn't it?

Package from Bagelya ETC =))

 At the first look,the color of the bag is silver, but when it gets a hint of light, it turns to gold! I don't know what sorcery they've used but it's really cool. hhahahah Thank you again Mommy Joy for sending me this awesome bag! 

I don't know what to put in it at first but I saw our comforter and stuffed the bag with it. hahahha (For photo purposes. =D)

I think I might post another "We've got mail!" posts probably next week! Stay tuned for my June Giveaways! 

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