WE'VE GOT MAIL! 05.31.13


As I promised, I'll make another "We've got Mail" post this week and here it is! Thank you DFabShop, Tees UnlimitedThe Ragpets Project and Personalized Accessories for sending these super duper ultra awesome items! The deliverymen's calls are my alarm clocks, hahaha everyday (well no everyday), every time a delivery will came, it's always early and I'm still sleeping, then they'll call me and I'm like, yes, okay, sure, green gate, I'll go out. and I'll run look at the mirror fix my hair for a bit then run to our gate and call the deliveryman. hahahha 

DFabShop has sent me, a multiway purse, bag charm, phone charm, and 2 necklaces! How benevolent of you DFabShop! Thank you! 

This purse has removable chains so we can wear it in 3 different styles! (as clutch, as sling bag and shoulder bag!) How cool is that?! 

Made for an Angel! Wohohohoho. Does this mean I'm an angel?! HAHAAHAHAHA 

My camera focused at the wrong part =3 sorry =)))

Contact them on Facebook HERE or email them on DFabShop8@gmail.com for orders! 

My sister and I went to Rockwell tent pickup my Pocketed Tee from Tees Unlimited

Sadly, I was opt for the VNeck shirt but it's already out-of-stock. hashtag badlucklois so I got this roundneck shirt and it wasn't that bad after all! I really love how they chose to do it on a plain shirt so the pocket would be like the "center piece" so it would be really an eye-catcher!  

Contact them on Facebook HERE for orders! 

"Karaw Artventures is a social enterprise that combines art enthusiasm with passion to take part in community development. It is centered in empowering Naga City Jail residents to create innovative and artistic products from upcycled materials." -The Ragpet Project 

Just look at the cutest packaging! I'm so jelly, God didn't grant me the talent of doing doodles. =(( I just wanna get my Sharpies and color it but I don't want to ruin it. So, HAHAHAHAHA

"The RagPet Project is an advocacy of Karaw ArtVentures. Through this project, Karaw ArtVentures is able to provide career and training opportunities to the women inmates of the Naga City Jail.

RagPets are amazing examples of what recycling can do. Adorned with old buttons and other scrap items, worn-out fabrics are given new life as they are skillfully sewn to become RagPets. Thus, they can be filled with love and ready to share this love to the one who will adopt them. "

"Made from Rags, filled with Love." - The RagPet Project 

They don't like they've been recycled at one look but when you'll read the message you'll be eternally amaze that they've been upcycled. 

John's personality kinda reminds me of my teachers from my school =D
(PaScians will know. =)))

Checkout them on Facebook HERE to see more designs and email them on karawartventures@yahoo.com for orders. =)))

This package came just moments before this blogpost has been published then I thought the next We've got Mail! post will be published maybe a week and a half after this. I really want to thank Ms. Joan of Personalized Accessories for sending me these acrylic necklaces! =)))

Hippo! Brown1112 will know. hahaha // alam na.

Shine bright like a diamond! 

Checkout their shop on Facebook HERE and email them @ info@personalized-accessories.com for orders!


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