First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Cons of My Heavenly Desserts for giving me 2 dozens of Cake Poppers! So yesterday, she personally went to our school to give us (Isabelle of our cake poppers! Thank God the guards didn't prohibit Ms. Con and let her give us the items. 

Though it was a really bad idea to give me food when I'm in school because 100% that others will have curiosity and will want to taste and get some. haha (ehem Justine's League, Martha and Arjude =D) 

 The moment I got home, from two dozens down to five pieces! FTW. hahaha

I really love colorful things, is it just me or it really look like pretty patties and Macaroon-esque appearance.

Even though it look like a Macaroon, it's taste is way far from the taste of a macaroon. This is way sweeter and softer with a mild and savory taste and the 'sandwich' thing is a pancake-ish texture

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