Been using Flawless Beauty's Kojic Whitening soap and Milky White Lotion for weeks and I'm loving it! You can already feel the results just by using it twice or thrice! Sudden feeling of refreshing vibes! 

The Kojic Whitening Soap doesn't only whitens your skin, it also removes pimple marks! You can feel it after you've tried it and it will feel a little bit tight but not dry. That's the thing I love when using Flawless Beauty's soap, not like other soap that my Derma recommended me, yes, it will tighten the pores but after using it, you'll feel your skin has gone dry. But when you'll be using FB's Kojic Whitening Soap, you'll feel you moisturized! 

Well this is the best whitening lotion that I've ever tried and it is amazing! You can see the results after just one try and see my unedited photo below! The left part has Milky White Lotion and it's really whiiiiiiite as snow and the right part is my leg without the lotion. 

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