Starting today, I am not going to post "We've got Mail!" posts anymore, BUT I'll be posting mail post individually so I can take a clearer and wiser reviews about the items =)))) 

So last Saturday afternoon another mail came! Hooray! The Psychedelic backpack from North Peak's Cruiser Series came and I was really happy and stoked to have my hands settle on it. (lol)

At the first glance, it looks smaller, but when you'll fit it with all of my stuff. I mean it's like Dora's backpack! or Doraemon's pouch lol.

Also, the zippers are cool because they have lock holes, anti-theft friendly! =D

So hello to rainy days! but don't worry! you're not going to ruin your projects and papers and other things because North Peak bags has this sorta plastic like or whatever that is water resistant cloth inside the bag! Waterproof students! hahaa

Win this bag on my ToLB x North Peak Adventure giveaway! 
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