ROMWE ✉ #1


Holaaaa! Finally got my Romwe parcels! Wooooo I've been waiting for these for 3 months tho it came in separate orders! =D Also got a bit problem with our post office but whatever, I already got my stuff. Also I didn't know that I have to pay separate fees for the post office and for the shipping fee, tho it's free shipping, I still have to pay 50php (1.25$) for the post office and these came in 3 separate orders (the other one is from Oasap) so I have to pay them 150php (3.75$). wtf. 

But anyway, I'm in looooooove with these! New addition to the familyyyyyyy! yaaaaay! =))))

My mom didn't like this because it came with skulls and she is not a big fan of bones and skull and other edgy things, she think people who wears them will look like witches and other mysterious things, and whatever. I like edgy things period. hahahaha 

(Get this HERE)

RAAAWR. Tigerssss. Such strong creatures =))

(Get it HERE)

Hola for my new booties! OMAHGAD. THIS IZ FUCKING AWEZOM. I am going to use this every single occasion that I'll be going. shhhh. It's just freaking beautiful.

(Get it HERE)

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