Boohoo for forgetting to bring my camera and charging my phone. lol,So last Friday, It's was a tiring day after school (Ehem CAT) but it was really fun. I felt very lazy because it was rainy and we all know that weather affects the mood ;) (*cough* excuses *cough*) but I still have to go to Shang Cineplex to watch Man of Steel for free! Thank you for the nth time Nuffnang PH and Schick! I've brought my sister with me and there goes the traffic -_- ugh, we went out at 6:45 then we reached there maybe 8:00 - 8:30 and the thank God the registration team wasn't there yet! Yay! Maybe they were also stuck at the heavy traffic then. Fastforward --------------- Yay! Man of Steel! Superman! (Trivia: I was named after Lois Lane. ;) Hashtag - nobody cares HAHA) Tho I think it was the first Superman movie that I've seen but I've watched 3-4 seasons of Smallville (watched it because of Justin Hartley) =)), because I'm not that into Justice League. I'm into the heroes that were made out of Science. Ehem MARVEL HEROES. =D

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