Part 1/2 of my Careline Magic Lipsticks posts! Aren't they cute? They look like toooooys! and mind you people, they are not for kids (well they can, but they are not toys haha) They actually turn into shades of red! So far it is skin-friendly, and it's enriched with vitamin E and for specially formulated for teen's skin! Don't you know that Careline's Magic Lipsticks can be bought in the market for only 75php (1.88$) each? This is really crazy! That cheap for an efficient lipstick!

Smells like grapes!

Smells like orange!

I like the color, mild and sleek. 

Smells like green appleeee!

This is my favorite among the three. From green to this shade! Cool ehh? 

Made only one application on my lips and it stained my lips until the other day! 

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