I can still remember the day I first bought the first set of nail polish when I was on my 1st year in high school. looool. I can still remember the 1st time putting it on my nails, of course what do you expect for a noob, hahah my hand were shaking real bad and the nail polish was all over my fingers----hand. lol. T'was an epic moment. 

Thank you Caronia for sending me these!

Caronia has been every Filipinas' first nail polish (I think. lol) Basically because of its price, it's super affordable and does not chip easily.

These two (Pussy Red and Blue Velvet) are one of my favorites! Because I have fair skin (or darker?) These two (I think) makes my fingers a little bit whiter and stand out.

 A lot of you know (or not) that my favorite princess is Cinderella! I can really see here, rather, it reminds me of her everytime I see this nail polish on my nails!

 I really love this because this is the only thing that I can wear when I'm on school. REALLY. I love this because it's not like other top coats that are used with old school french tips, because they're tinted! They're better because it will not make your nails look pale! 

 I thought this is a really good color, at first I didn't like it, but the moment I've put it on my nails, I loved it! It's way lighter more of a pastel and bolder!

Full set babyyyy!

For keeping my metal implements!

Don't you just hate it when you break a nail? ugh. CARONIA TO THE RESCUE!

New miRAWR. (okay, that was a little bit corny.)

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