Here are some of my top picks from and if only, I can't wait to set my hands on them! Seriously, has the best of the bests sets of jewelry, not only they have elegant accessories, but they have variety of colors, style and textures that would make you spent hours from choosing from their catalogs because they are all adorable that every girl who wants to have a princess vibes would love.

Fashion Vintage Peach Heart Stud Earring

 First, don't you just love this stud earrings? edgy and classy eh? Reminds me of monarchies because of deep red color! ohmyGod, this is the coolest heart-shaped earring I've ever seen, just look at the details and the crystal, oooooh. I wanna have it!
Even though summer's already over here in the Philippines I just can't resist to love and cherish flowers, I seriously have a big thing over florals and I don't know why, I am so in love with them, I can't wait to put a pair of jeans and booties with a floral prints and top them all with this awesome ring! 

To Infinity and Beyond Pear-Cut Crystal Necklace

 These are the most perfect teardrop necklaces that I've seen, look at the crystals, oooh the diamond detail as a bow just makes me crave them more. I really want to have them + they're on sale! and it's on 50% off. OH MY GOD. SOMEBODY GET THEM FOR ME PLEASE.

Beautiful Time Bracelet in Elegance

Beautiful Time Bracelet in Colorful

Beautiful Time Bracelet in Silver and Black

Aren't these adorbs? They come in various colors and the combinations are perf! but for me, the best of these 3 is the  Beautiful Time Bracelet in Silver and Black! It simply denotes elegance and class. 

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