Trying to find that palettes to use in travelling and not to bring a lot of it. Here's Ever Bilena's 12 Shades eyeshadow palette! 

The colors of the shadows are numbered from 1 - 12. The box indicates that these shadows glide on easily, blends easily and they are non-creasing that stays on all day. It is also enriched in Vitamin E to keep the eye hydrated and moisturized. Don't you know that you can get Ever Bilena's 12 Shades Eyeshadow palette in very cheap price of 160php (4$)

 It's quite perfect for travelling because it is in a total package of what you will need when it comes to eyeshadows. It contains dark shades, light shades, metallics, pastels, nudes, matte, glittery and frost shades. 

Pretty much, this is a huge necessity if you're a noob or just starting up.

Eyeshadows 1 - 12 respectively

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