I've been longing for matte lipsticks because they look elegant and you can wear it whether is daytime or nighttime. Don't you know that Ever Bilena's Matte Lipsticks can be bought in the market for only 155php (3.88$) each? Ever Bilena's product surely are teen's-pocket friendly!

and here are my picks from Ever Bilena's collection of Matte lipsticks! It may seem that they totally look the same but they are totally different from each other! and trust me! EB's lipsticks are waaay awesome because they smell really great and when you put it on your lips, they don't feel heavy at all. 

I was a bit shocked (just a little bit. lol) when I found out that it was removable and there's lipgloss inside of it! 2 in 1!!!!! I always thought that it was only for indications. boohoo noob. hahaha

60% of my lipsticks are in the shade of Orange or Coral. I don't know why but whatever, I love iiiit.

This is a little bit lighter and more sleek.

Pure impact, pure luxury. Ultra matte finish! the only matte lipstick that makes you lips stay supple and smooth. Delicately scented in all long-wearing formula that accentuates and pampers your lips. Incredibly luxurious, with vitamin 3 that gives your lips natural moisture.
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