Ever since I was a child, a lot of people are complementing my eyelashes for being thick and whatever, but I am quite jealous of my friend that have super long lashes and thick lashes. huhuhu why can't I have both? Teachers even asked me if I put eyeliners but my lashes are all natural when I'm at school because it's forbidden to wear make ups on our school. lol. You can buy this Ever Bilena Superlash Mascara for only 115php (2.83$)!

 (left) without (obviously) Ever Bilena's superlash blue mascara  (right) with EB's superlast mascara
Katy Perry wannabes this mascara's perfect for you!

now pardon me because I am still not able to buy an eyelash curler. I know that mascara and eyelash curler are partners in crime. Please give me some more time to buy new eyelash curlers! x
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