I've been eyeing on high-cut sneakers since May because I haven't got one since birth, I only have 2 low-cut sneakers because I prefer doll shoes every time I'll be going to somewhere because it's more comfortable. 

 Tadaaaa! all I need now is Skateboard! Aren't these perf?!?! Perfect fit for my styyyle! I wanna buy a new pair of jeans!!!

and it comes with an extra shoe lace! I can interchange it whenever my mood changes!

Do you guys have any idea how to keep these white tips white? 'Cause my other sneakers got really dirty easily and very OC when it comes to it. 

The soles are rubberized so, Hi Friction! I usually trip over our gymnasium because my sneakers (I don't wear running shoes on our PE classes, idk why.) are really slippy and just last Thursday I got loads and loads of bruises all over my knees and hips. So you'll see me wear tights, leggings and jeans this week on my outfit posts. I don't want to flaunt my bruises. (lol, but I've posted a picture of it on my Twitter account. say whuuuut.) 

 I really love the detail at the high-cut part. Some of you don't know that when I was on 6th grade, I was crazy over flannel shirts and any thing with checkered designs, even handkerchief and accessories!

When they asked me what's my shoe size, I told them that I was size 9. But I thought they're asking me for a Philippine size, only to find out it should be in US size! lol, I'm only 7.5-8 when it comes to US size, but whatever, I'll just use a thick socks! hahhah Thank you Ms. Aisha Chong for sending me these shoes! 
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