I've seen many posts like this on the blogosphere and vlogosphere and I thought why shouldn't I do posts like it? So here it is! My "What's in my bag" post featuring my Careline necessities! Since I'm still on highschool, I need some basic products to supply my daily needs to prepare myself and look presentable! =)) 

 These are my favorite palettes from Careline's eye shadow x4 collection. Girly x Edgy hues to pick from! I love it because they come in very handy and sleek cases ++ cool colors and you can wear it whether it is daytime or night time! 

(Top: Careline eye shadow x4 -- set 4 -- Break Dance
Bottom: Careline eye shadow x4 -- set 2 -- Cheer Dance)

 My Careline blush ons! I use Touch of Pink (left one) for my cheeks! Don't you just hate it when you look totally pale and look like you've just donated a bucket of blood? Pale face is a no no! haha Chubby cheeksssssss, another trick to look thinner on photos and even in reality, CONTOURS! Seriously if you'll apply a blush on 2-4 times darker than your actual skin color, you'll look like you've lost 20%-40% of your cheeks (lol) but don't, just don't over do contours. 

If laziness attacked you, or if you're running late for school, compact face powders will forever be handy and also best for those who have oil problems.

Another necessity! LIPSTIIIIIIIIIICKS! Got crazy for these Careline Magic Lipsticks they totally look like toys and for young girls, but they are really for teens and women, because they really, really turns into pink or red! I don't know what sorcery is going on but it is really coooool! +++ They have fruity scents that makes you wanna eat the lipsticks. lol but whatever, it really is amazin'

Stay tuned for review posts on these products! xx
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