Last Saturday, I received a parcel from Yellow Sparklers, been waiting for these cuties for a long time! wohoooo Finally set my hands on it and it's really gorgeous! These way awesoooome!

YES SIR! virtual high five for the hipsters who are reading this post! =))) This reminds me of the logo of Pringles! wohoooo! =D

Been seeing this on a lot of international online shops with a very price-y prices (lol whut?) But when I took a look on Yellow Sparklers, it was only 65php (1.63$) and that's a lot of savings!

Because I'm in love with Andrew Garfield, and he's the current Spiderman... therefore, I'm in love with these ultra amazin' Spider Earrings!

 Don't you know that this is my first pluggies? haha but whatever. This looks tasty. ughhh, craving for macaroons.

Imma princess. love love love!

Edge and Elegance, definitely OH YES for me! 

Thank you for the nth time Yellow Sparklers! xx
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