A lot of your are probably now thinking "why is she posting and reviewing perfumes for men?" well, I just want to let other people know whether I like or think that men's perfumes are too much or too strong. ;) Aren't the perfumes' name familiar? Don't you just love how Blackwater named their Elite Homme collection after basketball superstars? You can get these Blackwater Elite Homme perfumes for only 295php  (7.38$) each!

 This reminds me of my VS Very Sexy Dare. It's strong, just fine, and very man-like. Of course it's men's perfume what do you expect.

Hear ye! Lakers fans! Here comes Black Mambaaa! Kobe Bryant!

 It's scent is not very far from Kobe but for me it's a little bit lighter than the Kobe one. I think this smelled like someone but I can't remember, maybe a classmate, a teacher or a relative. I really can't remember.

MELOOOO! Hi Knicks!

 For me this is sorta citrus-y, smells like soap :9 but I'd prefer this among the other two above. Smells natural and perfect for daytime, smells fresh!

King James beyotchs! 
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