Pretty much for rosy cheeks! Loving these blush ons for quite some time! It has a luxury looking cases, which reminds me of MAC blush ons, but the thing I don't like about it is that the bristles of the brush aren't that intact that they break away, but it's really soft and not stiff.

 It also has label outside it so you just have to remember what is the name of your favorite blush and you don't have dig in your cosmetics collection ;) Don't these Ever Bilena Cheek blushes are for only 165php (4.13$)

 Aren't these cool? when you flip the blush platform, you'll see a mirror and brush below it!

I thought Raisin would be darker but to my surprise, it's the lightest shade in the collection!(I think) Also, it's perfect for lazy days and preppy outfits, mild and sleek.

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