This is a part of me that you'll never gonna take away from meee, no! lol. A lot of you guys don't know that I have a soft part, chos! Just kidding, This is the best-smelling lipstick ever!!!!! Being a princess even in just the shade of lipstick! 

Don't you just love the lipstick's case? So shinyyyyyy. Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick can bought for only 155php (3.88$)!

Girly-girl things are just too gay to function and I love girly things but I make sure not to over do it so I match it with edgy thiiings! I think I can match this lipstick with smoky black and dark violet eyeshadow? Would that work? =))

I did not quite like it because it become more of a metallic shade, and it's quite oily or it's less viscous than the normal lipstick. I think I'll like it if it is in a matte state. ;)

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