Who doesn't love mixing dark hues and light hues? Who ever thought pastel blue would match brown? Careline's really going outside the box by mixing these colors and not going over the top. The colors remind me of cheeriors.

This palette is my favorite among the others. Reminds me cotton candies and I'm a big fan of pastel pink + they've matched it with gray that made balance for me! girly + edgy wohooho. this is just perf. 

I thought ohmyGod, the combination sucks, but then, when I used it, I was wrong, the combination was good and hey! lesson learned! haha never judge something unless you've tried it already. ;) but the only thing that I hate about the blue part was when you apply it, the sparkles would start to fall off and it would be all over your cheeks, so I advice that you should ALWAYS put tissue paper every time you are going to apply eyeshadows specially when you are applying dark colors. 

This would be better if it's in a matte condition, I love nude colors, but I don't know how to apply it beautifully, like, when I apply brown shades, it's too light you can't see the difference. haha

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