Classes are suspended and I'm here drafting blog posts and I'm really sorry if the photos are really dark it's because I use natural lighting and I don't use flashes. It's really raining hard here in the Philippines so please pardon if I'm not doing outfit posts lately because the rain's really scary and I don't know where to shoot, so say hello to beauty posts. 

I am not a big fan of summer, I like cold-dark-days, I mean people have survived the Ice Age but will people survive extreme heat? I don't like getting sweaty and everything about summer. Every summer, I make sure that everything would be ready, I don't want to get dark (who even wants to?) I don't even like tans - even fake tans (people who have fake tans look like annoying orange.) So make sure lotions and every thing that has vitamin E products are available. I don't want to make myself look dry and my skin chipping. 

Careline Fruittilicious Wet Lips is kinda perf for it, though it doesn't add colors to your lips, but it does smells soooo good you just might want to drink it. hahha My favorite is the watermelon one. + it has vitamin E and you can get it in a cheap price! for only 55 php (1.38$)

Left: Watermelon; Right: Strawberry
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