My hair is really damaged by my ombre, I did my red-brown ombre last summer it the damaged was really bad. =( I had split ends so I have to cut it and the rest of the hair that still has color was really dry and null. I can't wait to use these products from Cynos

Tip: I only put shampoo on the roots of the hair because for me, it dries up my hair, so to keep my dandruffs off.

 Then I only put conditioner at the tips of my hair because those where really damaged, to keep it soft and free from split ends.

It will be my first time to use Argan oil on my hair, this would be really helpful because I love to curl or straighten my hair, and I don't have any products to protect my hair from heat.

This would be really, really perfect for me. I have really, super dry and dull hair. =(

Thank you Cynos: Inside Hair Care for giving me this perfect set! 
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