Who doesn't love foundations? liquid or powder, it can conceal everything! (well, not everything) it has multiple shades that can fit to your skin tone. I've got to have these 3 foundations in 3 different shades,  white beige, oriental and golden beige! You can get these for only 200 php (5$) each! 

(left to right: White beige, Oriental and Golden beige)
This isn't wet because I want to show you how it differs from each other. See how oriental mimics my skin tone, it's best used when you make the sponge wet and apply it to your skin, it'll look more natural.   

For those who have white complexion and what's to have that pinkish glow, here's the palette to try for.

This palette is for those who wants a natural look.

Here's the palette for those who want that tan-ish glow. 
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