Yey! New whitening soaps and hair care product! Our class have been practicing everything under the sun these past few months and it is drying my hair and skin down and making me 3-4 shades tanner. Thank you Mischka Derma Secrets for these lovely products! Can not wait to try them!

 whitening soaps everywhere!

 I've heard that placenta's really good for the skin, can't wait to try it. :)

Wait what, Licorice? I loooooove licorice, too bad I can't eat it this time.

 Can I use these soaps all at once? I am definitely stoked to try them all!

More hair moisturizer! I loathe the tips of my hair, it's just rough and frizzy. 

Thank you again for sending me these products Mischka Derma Secrets. Can't wait to post proper reviews about them!
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