Acne is common, complex, chronic, and NOT curable. But is IT controllable. Choose Proactiv.

Acne is really a major deal with us teenagers, we really had a hard time dealing with these massive changes that happens during our puberty. I, myself have to figure out ways on how to treat my pimples, but hey, my mother told me that it already runs on our family, and I was not an exemption. It first hit me on my 5th grade, of course, like anyone does, it lessen my confidence. My mother and I went to all sorts of derma care around the city and the doctors gave me antibiotics, creams, soaps, other things that didn't actually work. 

Then I've researched about acne a lot. Then there it is, an article that states that acne is not curable but controllable. Which means you have to be patient to see the best results, you can't be just patient, you also have to be motivated to get rid of those acnes because you have to engage yourself with matters that needs you a lot of time and determination. Come on, those beliefs, like eating peanuts and other foods doesn't have to do anything about your acne, but fine, you'll lose nothing if you will believe at those beliefs.

I actually bumped in with Proactiv by accident. My aunt sent boxes from abroad and I saw a cute travel kit like packaging and I opened it and ask my grandmother if I can have it, and she said yes, why not. I immediately went to the bathroom to try it, and after days, or weeks. I can see the results, it really lessen my pimples on my face and neck. It doesn't mean that if acnes are already gone you already have to stop doing your routine, you should stick to it. 

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