Classy and sassy elements this 2013, Nutmeg flip flops is all about playful teenage fun. Their prints are very teen-alluring, we all want to be stylish in many different ways, and at the same time, bring comfort with it. The idea to combine sassy and classy elements into one design and exhibited on every pair is a testament to its campaign “Classy. Sassy. Never Pricey.” makes Nutmeg capture the spirit of every teen, and I can pretty say, it captured mine.

Nutmeg has three categories. Cosmopolitan, Nutmeg s most teenage-friendly pair in terms of affordability, Basic, Nutmeg’s sought after item, and Mid-wedge, Nutmeg s high end line. Each of these three categories are uniquely made to serve one purpose: to make every teen walk in comfort and style without spending much.

So go classy and be sassy. Have fun indoors or outdoors. Wear it inside your home, or when you are feeling lazy about what to wear, travel with it outside the city or put it on your bag when you're wearing heels or any shoe that tortures your feet, when you got tired of it, you can just grab these flipflops out of your bag and walk comfortable. Fun under the sun, or play in the rain, Nutmeg flip flops is your companion in all things fun and fancy.
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