Here's a peak at the loot from Blogopolis 2013 and it's called The - Survival kit! AKA addition to our kikay collection. I wonder if it's the same loot their giving with the boys. Blogopolis had so many sponsors! It's just fun interacting with each booth.

It's feels like I'm actually opening a beauty box! It's filled with a lot of "kikay" products and vouchers from various event sponsors! Seriously can't wait to use and blog about these quirky perks!

 Hygeinix anti-bacterial hand spray

 Skin White Advanced Whitening lotion

Skin White Classic Whitening soap 

Vitress Hair Cuticle 

Blogopolis 2013 baller! 

4 Timex 10% off vouchers 

Wink Gift Vouchers

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara 

Oishi Gift Pack!  

Marks & Spencer Cloudy Lemonade

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