A joyful afternoon and evening happened last Tuesday, after a long time, I've received a blissful package again, I've been MIA for a long time because it's been a very stressful lately at school. but dramas are always worth it, hardworks are always worth it. We are certified crammers. On the other hand, my deepest apologies for the sponsors because I didn't meet their deadlines, I'm trying my best to post the articles as soon as possible. :) 

I'm so glad I gained another set of accessories to be added to my kikayness. hahaa Thank you Miss Christy! I'm eternally glad for these cuties! I'm deeply in love with the kickass ring you just don't know how much I love stars. Guys make sure you follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook!

I just love it how I can wear it as a necklace or bracelet, very chinese-y and I love the chinese lion pendant. Every chinese new year, when I was a child, I love the chinese lions that are dancing, very active and joyful.

This reminds me of the an ancient Greek accessory, we recently had a Greek gods and goddesses competition at our school, I adore the Greek-inspired accessories, it looks so classy and never goes out of style. 

          Spiky- spikes! Neon are totally getting back on the trend after this cozy weather! 

Boho pieces are also in! This kind of necklaces which are big and chunky are very versatile and makes your outfit loud but still, classy. 

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